30,000 fishes found dead in polluted Hyderabad lake

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Published on May 29, 2017 09:25 AM by , Golden Chennai

Nearly 30,000 fishes were found floating dead in Rampally lake on Sunday morning. According to the residents of the colonies around Rampally lake were suprised by the sight of huge number of dead fishes floating in the lake. Species like Rohu, Katla, Red Snapper were found dead in the lake which is located 30 km from the city. According to the authorities, the number of dead fishes in the Rampally lake would exceed 30,000.

Similar incidents had occured a week earlier where 40,000 fishes were found floating dead in the Shamirpet lake. Residents around Medchal lake earlier witnessed 20,000 fishes floating dead in the lake.

Officials had blamed extremely hot weather to be the reason for this incident. As the fishes are sensitive and high temperatures may make its survival more difficult. According to the district fisheries officer, low level of dissolved oxygen in water would be another reason for this incident.

Experts had already started to accuse the authorities for not taking steps to plant enough number trees around the lake to lower the temperature. Alarming levels of pollution in the urban lakes around hyderabad would be one of the reasons for the recent death of large number of fishes.

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